Master Movie List

October 11, 2017

Red Snow

Love at Large

Bad Samaritan

American Taboo (1984)

Zero Effect

The Sasquatch Gang (2006)

Brain Smasher: A Love Story

The Competition (2018)

Mr. Holland’s Opus

Captain Fantastic


Body of Evidence

The Music Within

Cabin Fever


Extraordinary Measures (2010 Harrison Ford)

Mr. Brooks


Fifteen and Pregnant

The Dust Factory


Extreme Days


The Temp


Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Green Room

Drugstore Cowboy
My Own Private Idaho

What the Bleep Do We Know?

Breaking In
Homer and Eddie

Fatal Revenge

Men of Honor

The Postman

Fire in The Sky

Frozen Assets


Love and Dynamite(?)

Hear No Evil (1993) –

First Love (1977)

Kansas City Bomber (1972)

Unhinged (1982)

Total Reality (1997)

Down and Out with the Dolls (2001)

The Auteur (2008)

Cold Weather (2010)

Gone (2012)

Forest Warrior


Bad Trip – Phillip Roth

Punk Love

Permanent Record (1988) Keanu Reeves

Feast of Love (2007)

Burning Plain (2008)

The Haunting of Sarah Hardy – 1989 made for TV

The Last Innocent Man 1987

Portland Expose

Rockaday Ritchie and the Queen of the Hop (Same guy that did “Unhinged”)

Courier of Death –

The Devil’s Keep

24-Hour Comic (documentary)

Imaginary Crimes (1994)

The Favor (?)

To my daughter with love (1994) made for tv

Zigzag – potential, no filming location given, but good chance of portland

How Sarah Got Her Wings

Property (Penny Allen director)

Paydirt (Penny Allen director)

I Don’t Feel At Home in This World Anymore

Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot

Masks of Desire (2017)

The Vernonia Incident

Pillars of Portland

Guns on the Clackamas: A Documentary (Bill Plympton)


Good Cops, Bad Cops (The Cops are Robbers)

Child of Darkness, Child of Light

Chrome Soldiers with Gary Busey!

Even Cowgirls get the blues

Without Evidence

Good Luck

Switched At Birth

Dead by Sunset

Deadly Game

A Walk in my shoes


Duplicates –

Body language –

Fade to black

Wee sing: The Best Christmas Ever

Dancing with Danger –

Payback – Mary Tyler Moore!

In the Line of Duty: Blaze of Glory – Bruce Campbell!

Praying Mantis Jane Seymour! –

The Pursuit of DB Cooper –

Homewrecker –

Change of Heart –

Take my advice the anne and abby story –

The Path of Evil

Pigs vs. Freaks

Killing at Hell’s Gate –

Harvest of Fear

Final Justice

Coup de cinema

Just Before Dawn (1981)

The Memorial Counselor (2006)

Man Maid (2008) – (Prineville, Bend, Central Oregon)

Night ride home – 1999 hallmark TV movie


Come See the Paradise (Astoria, Portland, Willamette, Seattle, Cal.)



Short Circuit
Kindergarten Cop

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (or 2?) 3

Free Willy

The Ring 2


How to Beat the High Cost of Living (Eugene)

Emperor of the North

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Animal House


Five Easy Pieces

Sometimes a Great Notion


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15 comments on “Master Movie List

  1. B. Hoyt Oct 18, 2017

    Hear No Evil (1993; Marlee Matlin, DB Sweeney, Martin Sheen)

    • Todd Werkhoven Oct 19, 2017

      I actually just saw “Hear No Evil” on VHS just today. We actually do have it on the main list, it just didn’t make it to the page, I guess. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Heidi Oct 18, 2017


    • Todd Werkhoven Oct 19, 2017

      I’m still trying to figure out how much of that was actually filmed there (without having to watch the movie 😀 )

  3. You don’t have ‘The Sasquatch Gang’ listed… I was an extra in a scene filmed in Oaks Park and they also filmed at my son’s friend’s house in Gladstone. Ya…the movie just isn’t good.
    Why aren’t any really good, soon-to-be-classic movies (with the exception of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest & The Shining) filmed in Oregon? We need a little more cowbell…(or Nicholson).

  4. Steven B Aug 1, 2018

    Just watched the most gloriously terrible movie that was shot in the Portland area (and hey, a TriMet bus goes up to Crown Point at one point). It’s called Zero Effect, starring Bill Pullman and Ben Stiller. Would love to see ya’ll do an episode on it!

    • Todd Werkhoven Aug 2, 2018

      Oh wow! I had heard of that movie (and I actually see it all the time on VHS in thrift stores), but it wasn’t on our list! It looks amazing! Thanks for the tip!

  5. Mike Murphy Mar 28, 2024

    Please do The legend Of Tillamook’s Gold/The Tillamook Treasure. It’s free and full on YouTube, and one of the most un-family-friendly “family-friendly” movies around, Plus, it would be great to do a compare and contrast between this and The Goonies in terms of the buried treasure theme. Thanks!

    • Todd Werkhoven Apr 1, 2024

      That sounds amazing! I’ll make sure it’s on our list!

    • Todd Werkhoven Apr 2, 2024

      Oh wow – I just finished watching this. It’s 100% going to be our next movie. This movie is straight up bonkers – thanks for the tip! How did you find out about this movie?


      • Mike Murphy Apr 2, 2024

        I actually have my own “Bad movies set in Oregon” film club with a friend who lives in Portland (I live in Massachusetts). Basically, I just took Wikipedia’s list of Films Set In Oregon, and then ruled out any that had a good rating on Rotten Tomatoes. How I discovered your podcast was when I was trying to figure out What The Bleep to make of What The Bleep Do We Know!?, and haven’t looked back since. Keep up the great work!

        • Todd Werkhoven Apr 6, 2024

          That’s so funny! And when we started putting this podcast together, we were surprised that there’s no real complete list of what’s been shot/made here. We’ve used the Wikipedia page, the Oregon Film page, and others, and we’re still constantly finding more and more. Although not surprising that maybe they want to keep some of these movies buried because they’re so bad 😀 But I’m so glad you found the podcast, and thanks for the movie tip – we’ll do it at the end of the month!

  6. Mike Murphy Apr 10, 2024

    By the way, I was wondering if, at some point, you guys could do a deep dive into the strange trend/phenomenon that was the California Raisins. That is, both the mini-movie Meet The Raisins! and The California Raisin Show got relatively good reviews on IMDB, but it just begs so many questions: What was William Vinton high on at the time? Who was actually clambering for Claymation? And of dried fruit of all things? Would Priority Records ever have survived if they didn’t choose Straight Outta Compton as their second album? Did we really need ANOTHER Motown revival, coming hot off the heels of the soundtrack to The Big Chill? Were the people who contributed their voices actually good musicians? (Maybe we need to call in Kirk Hamilton of Strong Songs to answer those last two questions.) And perhaps most important of all: have you guys found any California Raisins paraphernalia that was truly bins-worthy?
    P.S. Do you have an email address for the site that you’re willing to share? I only ask because I want to know if I can send some of the hard-to-find titles on your list in MP4 format. Thanks!

    • Todd Werkhoven Apr 13, 2024

      The California Raisins are for sure a weird blip of time for America 😀 They also got me a copyright strike on YouTube because Will Vinton is very active in stopping any uploads of his old stuff, which is a bummer! You can drop me emails at toddwerkhoven[at] if you’d like – it’s a bit easier for me to keep up there anyway since I often will only check this page once or twice a month.

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