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4 comments on “Map

  1. Brian Smith Nov 25, 2018

    Primal Rage – on Showtime right now. It’s a PNW Sasquatch Deliverance. Awfully beautiful.

    • Todd Werkhoven Mar 27, 2019

      Don’t know how I missed this comment, but that sounds amazing! We’ll check it out!

  2. Jennifer Apr 3, 2020

    I thought for sure you’d have the locations for Body of Evidence. Something Sarah & Greg just said on FER just made me think to look here for the BoE mansion. Have you had any luck looking these locations up yet?

    • Todd Werkhoven Apr 21, 2020

      I haven’t looked into all of them (since we haven’t reviewed the movie yet), but the mansion in Body of Evidence (where the first scene of the movie takes place) is Pittock. One of only 4 movies to be filmed there! 😀

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