On this special episode of Portland at the Movies, we talk with Dan Fiebiger, Portland film historian and composer for the film “Courier of Death.” He tells us about his dealings with Tom Shaw, the notorious director of “Courier” that was an important hub in Portland film history, who loaned film-making equipment to the likes of Penny Allen and Gus Van Sant. It was a great discussion with a natural storyteller, and a wonderful look into the 80s Portland indie movie scene.

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4 comments on “Special Edition: “Courier of Death,” with composer Dan Fiebiger

  1. I had a Bolex stolen out of my basement in Portland in around 1993! Please go back to the Goodwill Bins and buy that one for me – it might have been mine once! Great to hear Dan after all these years.

    • Todd Werkhoven Sep 30, 2019

      It was a pretty nice camera, but I’ve gotten a bit addicted to collecting crap from the Bins, and because it was so heavy (they charge by the pound), I forced myself to pass it up. I figured a camera lover would stumble on it. Maybe I should have bought it and auctioned it off on the show 😀

  2. Diana Bauer Sep 30, 2019

    Great interview.
    I played Nancy in Courier. BTW, regarding your review of this film from last January?
    I’m definitely not a dude. 😉

    • Todd Werkhoven Sep 30, 2019

      Oh man! I’m such a jerk! I could have sworn because there was a stunt involved that they had to use a fill in. Or maybe all early-80’s hair looks like a wig to me. 😀 Either way, thanks for being a part of one of our favorite movies ever! 🙂

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