TV’s Patrick Duffy and William Devane star in this made-for-TV movie about a cop in search of a killer who commits serial murders and then starts blackmailing the families of the deceased, threatening to frame them for the murders he committed. Can TV’s Patrick Duffy save the day? Or will his secret past catch up to him? Find out on this month’s episode, with special guest host Michael Gibson from Video Is The Future.
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2 comments on ““Murder C.O.D.” (1990)

  1. John the kiwi Jul 16, 2022

    Just caught “The Favor” on Tubi. Highly recommended for the podcast. 1994. Brad Pitt, Bill Pullman, Larry Miller, Holland Taylor, even Frau Farbishener from Austin Powers.
    Filmed all over Portland, Lake Oswego, tons of the city

    • Todd Werkhoven Jul 16, 2022

      Oh wow – Nice! We’ll get that added to the list if we don’t have it. I’m surprised it doesn’t ring any bells with Pitt and Pullman in it!

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