“Total Reality” is a bottom-shelf cocktail made from the discarded parts of a SyFy channel movie, Back to the Future, Terminator, and clown makeup. Written, produced, and directed by the same guy who did last month’s movie (the bonkers “Fatal Revenge”), “Total Reality” has some great parts (the space battles looked good; the lead actress was great!), but in the end, it feels like a slapdash and incomprehensible slurry of ideas from other, better movies.

You can watch the trailer and full movie for free on YouTube (link after visual aids).

Visual Aids:
Keep in mind the movie takes place in one day, yet her hair is completely different in every scene:

Portland Locations:


Full Movie:

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2 comments on “Ep #7 – “Total Reality” (1997)

  1. Anna Nicholas Jan 28, 2023

    I’m thrilled to have been one of the completely unnecessary characters (Smith or Wesson–can’t remember which) in this ridiculous movie. Blowing up that house (in Tigard?) was truly dramatic and I want to say I sprained my ankle running away. PS “Kathy” was played by Ely Pouget, who came up from LA. She met her future husband, the movie’s DP, on the shoot and they’re still married so maybe bad movies make good marriages. Thanks for your show.

    • Todd Werkhoven Feb 24, 2023

      Oh wow – thanks for leaving a comment! This movie is truly a wild ride, that’s for sure. And that’s so funny those two met on this movie an are still married!

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