Every once and awhile we find a little gem in the stark landscape of movies filmed in Portland, and what “Backtime” lacks in budget, it more than makes up for in heart, costuming, and passion. Clearly this film wasn’t up for any Oscar noms, but considering the dreck we usually get from writer-producer-editor-director passion projects, this one ticks all the right boxes. The movie is available to watch on YouTube, and it’s worth watching before you listen!

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2 comments on ““Backtime” (1998)

  1. Warren Apr 29, 2020

    Great review of such an unknown film, I think the UK DVD referred to is an unofficial bootleg copy, I don’t think there’s an actual DVD release. Did you discover any more info or find Steven Miller and/or original cast members? Very eager to learn more, with the film appealing to Dr Who fans with Tom Baker.

    • Todd Werkhoven May 25, 2020

      We just posted our review of Steven Miller’s first movie “Visions,” and did his second film “Love & Dynamite” last month. Sadly we haven’t been able to figure out what happened to Miller himself, since he has a fairly common name, and he only made the 3 films. But we really enjoyed stumbling across his stuff, and really enjoyed the movies!

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